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What to see in Cordoba in 1 day

What you cannot miss on your trip to Córdoba in 1-day

Córdoba is one of the most important cities found the south of Spain. It is the caliphal city, which carried important weight during the Muslim period. We can easily find evidence of this history if we make a trip to Córdoba, and we can experience it all in just one day.

The first monument that stands out among many is the everlasting Roman bridge over the Guadalquivir, a testament of great length and construction. In Córdoba we can also see the Plaza de las Tendillas, where the city’s largest commercial area and the medieval area of the caliphal city come together. This plaza provides a stimulating and interesting way to soak up the city’s history.

The Roman Temple is another obligatory stop, as is the nearby Plaza de la Corredera. Close to these two is the Plaza de Seneca, where we will see the bust of its namesake, the famous Cordovan philosopher Seneca. From there we can move on to the old Jewish quarter with its labyrinthine streets.

The Mosque of Córdoba

While the Puerta del Puente and the Torre de la Calahorra are both imposing monuments, the most outstanding feature of Córdoba is its impressive Mosque-Cathedral. It is the most emblematic place in Cordoba as the History of al-Andalus has an important epicentre here. Entering the interior of the mosque is like getting lost in a forest of columns and beautiful polychrome art, which gives it a very special charm.

The Synagogue of Cordoba is also a must-see, as are the nearby Mudejar Chapel of San Bartolomé, la Casa de Sefarad, and la Casa Andalusí.

La Puerta de Almodóvar and the old city walls are especially significant in this one-day tour. The majestic Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the Caballerizas Reales and the Baños del Alcázar Califal, stand out as equally extraordinary and unique examples of Arabic architecture.

Museums and Medina Azahara

We can see the Palace of Viana and its legendary patios as well as the ever-impressive Cristo de los Faroles, Al-Andalus hammam and the Arabic baths. We can finish our trip with el Museo de Julio Romero de Torres and el Museo Arqueológico; if we have some time to spare we can hop in our vehicle and visit the archaeological site of Medina Azahara.

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