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Monumental Seville Private Tour

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Our guided tour will start from Calle Francos, 19, where we will gradually receive all the visitors and give them the audio systems so that they can follow the guide’s explanations during the excursion, whether or not they stop to take a picture or are somewhat distant from the group. Once everyone is ready we will head to the first of the monuments to be visited in the morning, the Cathedral of Seville, also known as Santa Maria de la Sede.

The visit will last almost an hour and a half, and in it we will discover all the secrets and the evolution that it has had with the centuries since the Muslims erected here the old Mosque aljama of Isbilya. Another important point in our tour of the Cathedral will be the access to the old Arab minaret, which we know today as the Giralda. After a detailed explanation of the architecture and history of the cathedral, visitors will have free time to climb the ramps that lead to the top, to enjoy the beautiful views that the tower offers over the city.

At the end of the tour of the Cathedral and the Giralda, we will have some free time before the visit of the Alcazar. Once everyone is ready, we will start our way to the next destination.

Our visit to the second monument will last almost an hour and a half, and along it we will visit the old palace of King Don Pedro, the Palace of the Plaster, the House of the Assistant, the House of the Contracting, the Gothic palaces and of course the beautiful gardens, where we will finish the guided tour, and all the visitors who wish to do so will be able to stay and take advantage of the time as they wish.

Remember that if you want to book your visit to see the two monuments separately on two different days, you can do it with us by booking on our pages “Alcazar Tour” and “Visit to the Cathedral and Giralda”.

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Private Guide
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Private Guide (4 PAX)
200,00 €
Private Guide (5 PAX)
210,00 €
Private Guide (6 PAX)
220,00 €
Private Guide (7 PAX)
230,00 €
Private Guide (8 PAX)
240,00 €
Adult Tickets (Cathedral/Alcazar)
29,00 €
Retired Tickets +65 years (Cathedral + Alcazar)
20,00 €
Students 17 to 25 years old (Cathedral + Alc)
20,00 €
Tickets Children up to 16 years (Cathedral + Alc)
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  • Mon – Tue – Wed – Thu – Fri – Sat – Sun.
  • You can check availability in the booking calendar.
  • Booking available until 10h before the start time, if you need to book less time call us at +34 654 871 750.


  • It is necessary to provide us with your ID card or passport along with your full name after your booking so that we can arrange access to the monuments. On the day of the tour it is compulsory to carry and present your ID to access the Alcazar and the Cathedral.
  • At the end of the tour, you can choose to stay in the gardens and enjoy the tranquillity, or take a last walk around the Alcazar.
  • Depending on the timetables of the monuments, the weather and the pace of the group, the visit may vary in its content or in the order in which the monuments will be seen.
  • It is recommended that each traveller carry their official documentation physically and in hand to access the Palace in order to prove their identity.

Meeting point and place

  • Hotel pick-up (in the centre of Seville).


  • 2h30/3 hours approximately.

What does it include?

  • Official professional guide.

Available languages

  • Spanish, English. For other languages, please contact us.

If you wish, you can consult our FAQ section by clicking here.

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