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Luggage storage in Seville

We have 4 offices in Seville with a locker room service in Seville

In Naturanda we offer luggage storage service in the center of Seville and we make it easy for you to visit the city without burdens.

We are very close to you as we have 4 different locations in the center of Seville, where you can leave your bags, suitcases or anything you need for as long as you need. In addition, our staff will give you all the information you need to make sure you don’t miss anything and you can print your boarding passes, book your tickets and enjoy our free WiFi.

If you visit Madrid, we also offer Luggage Store Service in Madrid.

Small luggage

3 the day
  • Bags and backpacks

Medium luggage

the day
  • Medium suitcases

Large luggage

6 the day
  • Large suitcases

Find the The best luggage storage service in Seville for your suitcases or backpacks is essential for those who make trips because it allows us to think about our time without having to worry about carry our suitcases all day long in the streets of Seville or leave them far away, as in the lockers of Santa Justa Seville.

Who doesn’t feel it when we arrive in a city and have to wait 3 or 4 hours until our plane leaves, or we are waiting for a train/bus, sometimes we even do both!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could store our luggage for us so we wouldn’t have to carry it during that time?

Well, that’s exactly what our locker room services in Seville can do.

We have different plans from 3€ per day, the price of the locker varies according to the size of your suitcase.

The addresses where you can find us
and enjoy our luggage storage service are:

– Francos Street, 19 – (9:00 – 21:00h from monday to sunday) Located between the Church of the Savior and the Cathedral of Seville, perfect if you are in the area of the Barrio de Santa Cruz or the Jewish Quarter. Also next to the Alfalfa Square.

– Alfonso XII Street, 35 – (9:30 – 18:30 from Monday to Saturday – Sunday afternoon closed) If you are near the Plaza de Armas bus station, or in the area of the Fine Arts Museum and San Lorenzo.

– Trajano Street, 6 – (07:00 – 20:00h from monday to sunday) If you are staying in the area of Alameda de Hércules or Plaza de la Encarnación (Las Setas) this is your office.

– Rastro Street, 12A –  (08:00 – 22:00h from Monday to Friday) If you are near the Murillo Gardens or Plaza de España, this office is ideal for you to enjoy the service.

We are open from Monday to Sunday so you will always have us available to store your belongings. The service is perfect if you are visiting Seville, you have just arrived and you have to wait for the check-in time at your accommodation or if on the contrary it is your last day in the city and you have to leave the room but you want to enjoy your last hours to walk around. But remember that you can also count on us if you come shopping downtown and want to walk freely without bags or loads that bother you.

Check on the map which locker is best for you and come and visit us. We have the best professionals and the most competitive prices in Seville.

+34 654 871 750


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