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Naturanda will take you into the more than 10,000 years of history contained in the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid with the help of our professionals in archaeology and cultural heritage.

The National Archaeological Museum has a collection that spans from prehistoric to modern times, tracing the history of Spain through its material culture. On this educational visit, we can delve into the Altamira Caves, Roman Hispania, Al-Andalus or even the Spain of the Bourbons. The National Archaeological Museum’s collection includes great pieces such as the Lady of Elche, the Guarrazar Treasure and the Neperian Abacus, as well as great examples of prehistoric, classical and medieval movable art. The best way to understand our history without leaving Madrid.

The visit takes place in small groups with a guide specialising in archaeology, taking an immersive and educational tour of the most important pieces in the museum.

The National Archaeological Museum brings together material culture from all over Spain, from the first steps of mankind on the Iberian Peninsula to modern times. We will start the visit by talking about the arrival of the genus Homo to the Iberian Peninsula, and how art began to develop in parallel with the evolution of the genre. We will visit the historical replica of the Altamira cave and understand its value and that of the museum for the history of Spanish archaeology.

The price of the visit to the archaeological museum includes the entrance fee and the service of an expert archaeological guide. We will take care of everything so that as soon as you arrive you can start your visit without queuing.


29,00 €
19,00 €
Infant (0-3 years old)
0,00 €


  • Regular tour available on Tue – Fri.
  • You can check availability in the reservation calendar.
  • Reservations available up to 10 hours before the start time.

The meeting point is at the entrance of the archaeological museum. See on Google Maps.

Approximately 1h 30min

-Tickets for the Archaeological Museum.

-Guided tour of the museum.

Tour in Spanish . For other languages, please contact us.

At Naturandawe offer you the possibility of carrying out all ouractivities, excursions and visits for private groups. For more details, please contact us .

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