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Excursion to Toledo from Madrid


We offer you the opportunity to get to know Toledo better with our daily walking tour of the city.

Toledo is a city located in the center of Spain and is the capital of the province of the same name. Three great religions, Christian, Jewish and Muslim, have coexisted for centuries and have left their mark on the city.

Toledo was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

If you did not know, the Romans settled for the first time in the city and called it Toletum, leaving many remains.

And when the Roman Empire fell, Toledo was conquered by the Germanic peoples in the 6th century. and then invaded by the Muslims at the beginning of the 8th century. In the 12th century, after the Christian reconquest, Toledo became an important cultural center in Europe and a meeting place for scholars of the three great religions thanks to the creation of the School of Translators.

Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together in harmony for centuries, each leaving their mark on the history of the city.

The city grew steadily thanks to the silk, arms and textile industries.

Toledo became one of the most important cities in Castile in the 16th century. At the beginning of the 14th century, the Catholic Monarchs decreed the expulsion of the Jews.

During the civil war, the Alcazar of Toledo played an important role in the history of the city. The rebels took refuge there and resisted the Republicans for 2 months.

Over the centuries, Toledo has become one of the most interesting cities in Spain with its synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes and the hermitage of Cristo de la Luz or its famous sheds.

With our tour of Toledo, you will be accompanied by a professional guide during the whole tour and you will learn even more details about what we have just told you.

Highlights of Toledo full day tour:

  • A walking tour of Toledo
  • You will be accompanied at all times by a professional guide.
  • You will see the Cathedral of Toledo
  • You will also see the Church of Santo Tomé
  • We will talk to you about the coexistence of three religions
  • Walk through the old Jewish quarter
  • You will have access to a tour of Toledo by bus with a panoramic view.
  • We recommend that you bring your video or still camera.

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Children from (3-15 years old) / Retired (+65) / Infants (0-2 years old).

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Recommended time of the year for the experience. Mon – Tue – Wed – Thu – Fri – Sat – Sun.

Meeting time and location

9:00 am, Office Madrid Naturanda. Pl. de España, 9, Moncloa – Aravaca, 28008 Madrid.

See the meeting point on Google Maps.


Approximately 8 hours

What does it include?

  • It includes guided tour of Toledo.
  • Entrance to monuments
  • Bus ticket
  • Bilingual guided walking tour in Toledo Panoramic view of Toledo by bus
Available languages English, Spanish. For other languages, please contact us.

If you would like to receive more details about this private tour, please, contact us.

If you wish, you can consult our FAQ section by clicking here. aquí.

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