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A journey through

Seville, the city of Heritage Sites Unesco

Around every corner in Seville are found the beautiful sights, delicious food, and engaging activities that attract so many people to visit this city.

Whether walking down the narrow roads in high heat or lounging at an outdoor cafe for breakfast, the atmosphere of Seville invites relaxation and tranquility, a feeling that the old winding streets and tall buildings of this ancient city help to achieve.

In any direction, the extensive history of Seville can be seen with just a turn of the head. From the early Roman era, to the muslim rule of Al Andalus, to the later Catholic monarchy, the passing of all of these sections in time can be seen in every part of the city, architecture, food, and art alike.

Every group that has passed through Andalucia has left its mark on the culture, and it is important to pay attention, so as not to miss the intricacies that have gone into building the beloved city of Seville.

Giralda Seville

Of course it is imperative to experience as much of the local, everyday culture as possible, but there are some sights that must be seen before leaving.

These sites, such as the Alcazar, Plaza de España, and especially the Cathedral of Seville and La Giralda, which hold decades, even centuries, of Sevillian and Spanish history, are an essential part of the culture of Seville, and the city would not feel the same without them. 

Many of the most well known and pòpularly visited monuments in Seville have been around for centuries, and have seen the shifts in power over the years, all of which left a unique impression, adding yet another layer to Seville´s rich past.

One such monument, a must – see when visiting this city, is the Cathedral of Seville and the famous Giralda. It has one of the most interesting histories in all of Seville, and is one of the most beautiful and unique architectural masterpieces around.

Originally a mosque, a place of worship during the muslim rule of Spain, the now cathedral boasts an intricate gothic structure, later cased by a more simplistic Roman architectural style, and supported by a collection of Roman ruins that date back centuries.

With Naturanda, you will be able to enter into this architectural wonder, and up the 35 ramps into the top of La Giralda, where you will be able to see a panoramic view of the entirety of Seville.

More about Seville Catedral

When inside the Cathedral itself, take note of the historical wonders that are housed there, such as the tombs of both King Alfonso X and Christopher Colombus, the intricate metal and woodwork surrounding some elements of the decor, the wall containing the most religious figurines in the world, and the panels covering the catacombs beneath the floor. You are guaranteed an experience to never forget when visiting this stunning world heritage site, a crucial part of Seville’s history

The next place that is sure to leave you in a state of awe is the Royal Alcazar of Seville, the oldest palace still in use in all of Europe. It’s lush garden and intricate exterior designs will definitely leave an impression on you, even before seeing the interior. 

ceilings, grand echoing halls, and dramatic architecture in every direction. You will see stunning designs on almost every surface, shining tiles, and an interesting mix of construction styles, which can be traced back to Andalucia’s fascinating history of power struggle and shifts in rule and religion. There are open air spaces with trees and flowers planted by paths and pools of water, and a magnificent courtyard tiled and decorated with the utmost attention to detail.

Thanks to their proximity and great significance to the city, Naturanda offers a combined tour of both the cathedral, la Giralda, and the Royal Alcazar. This way, you do not have to choose between these Sevilian masterpieces.

After visiting both of these historical Seville landmarks, move to a different time period with the Church of the Savior tour. This is a great example of Andalusian baroque architecture, one of the most important artistic periods throughout Europe. It is also one of the largest churches in all of Seville, second only to the Cathedral.

The exterior of this church is deceivingly simple, with its red and tan color scheme. Once inside, however, you will see ornate gold and silver metalwork on many of the walls, and an elaborate altar and lofty nave. Naturanda guide will take you through this structure, teaching you about the history of this grandiose building. It is also situated less than 10 minutes walking from the Cathedral of Seville, so if you are in the mood for some tapas and wine with a beautiful view, it is a quick trip to do so.

The whole area is full of restaurants serving traditional spanish dishes, as well as an array of small shops, selling clothes, jewelry, spices, and anything in between, lining the narrow streets, which are easy to peruse for hours.

If you are in the mood for an even more enchanting experience, you might want to consider the Sevilla Encantada tour. For a low price, you can be led around the city for an evening by one of our experienced guides, hearing the stories, legends, and mysteries surrounding many spaces in the city. This tour gives visitors a deeper knowledge of where they are staying, instead of just a historical perspective. If this does not sound quite enchanting enough, there is the option of a more haunting experience with the Sevilla Paranormal.

What to do in Seville today

Paranormal Seville Tour

This tour will begin just around when the sun sets, thus setting the mood for this more fantastical trip through the city. You will be led through different sites of believed paranormal sightings or occurrences, getting to know the darker side of this beautiful city. This tour is led with the help of professional guide J.M. García Bautista, who is sure to have you seeing the city in a whole new light, or darkness, by the end of these two hours. 

If paranormal activity is not your scene of choice, don´t worry – Seville is a city full of diverse activities. For example, a visit to El Museo de Bellas Artes, one of the best art galleries in Spain. Here, you can get to know the works and artists from one of Naturanda´s experts, all in a very relaxed way. Be sure to move at your own leisurely pace, so as not to miss any of the skillful pieces displayed at the gallery.

Sevilla Paranormal

The Guadalquivir River and Triana

The last places on this side of the Guadalquivir River that is a must see in Seville are the renowned María Luisa Park and the Plaza de España. This is a monumental location that is guaranteed to blow your mind. The small, colorful bridges crossing the small river of water lead up to one of the most magnificent buildings you will probably ever have the chance to see.

It stretches from one end to the other, covering the entirety of one side of the plaza. This building, accented with small areas of blue and white mosaic, with long stretches of white columns supporting small arches, is a beautiful example of the impact that the muslim era of Spain had on the country´s architecture. 

If that is not enough for you, however, it is also the location where many episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones series were filmed. The Naturanda guide will take you around the building, informing you on the history of the architecture, significance of the building itself, and giving you fun facts about the years in which it has existed. It is truly a sight to behold, as one of the most grand landmarks in the city of Seville.

When, if ever, you decide that you have had enough of this side of the Guadalquivir River, Naturanda offers some fascinating tours across the bridge as well. 

With Naturanda, you can be taken over the river to one of the most unique areas around Seville: the city of Triana. There, you can take a guided tour of this fascinating area, learning about the legends and histories of this worldly neighborhood. 

One of the many ways you can experience this city is through its food. Although most of Spain is known for serving small shareable plates, or ¨tapas¨, Triana considers them its specialty. Go with Naturanda to try out some of the city’s best tapas restaurants, getting to know the city over dinner and drinks.

If you are more the dinner and a show type, you can book a Tapas and Flamenco tour as well. Triana has some of the best professional flamenco dancers in all of Andalucia, even all of Spain. You can enjoy an inspiring dance performance with a full and happy stomach, after having eaten some of the best food around. 

If you happen to be looking for something a little more active, no worries, Naturanda has got you covered! There are a number of outdoor activities you can choose from when visiting Seville, such as biking or kayaking. You have the option of a guided kayak tour through the Guadalquivir River, a different and exciting way to see the city.

Walking through the streets is one thing, but getting to know Seville while floating peacefully through the river allows you to truly appreciate the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere of the city. This tour also allows you to see both sides of the city at once – central Seville as well as Triana – as these two areas of the city border either side of the river. Another option you have is to take a guided bike tour of Seville.

Guadalquivir River Cruise Boat

Biking in Seville

On this tour, you can experience the city the same way many people do day to day, as you will surely see many Sevillanos biking to and from work in your time here. Cover more ground and visit some of the more hidden beauties of Seville on bike with an expert guide, who will fill you in on some of the legends of Sevilla. 

At the end of this two and a half hour tour, you will feel like a local yourself, having seen the ins and outs of Seville from the top of a bicycle. Not only can you take a bike tour of Seville, you can rent your own for any number of hours, days, or even a week. The price varies depending on duration, but this is an excellent way to get to know your own way around the city. 

If you are not one for guided tours, rent a bike and pedal around as your own guide. Seville is a very bike friendly city. Everyone will know to watch for you, cars and pedestrians alike – just mind the bike lanes that are present in almost every area, either painted in green or marked with small metal plates. 

Of course, the last thing that Naturanda would want to do is limit you or your experience in this beautiful city. For this reason, Naturanda offers private routes, where you can take a

guided tour with just your loved ones, family, friends, or even solo. In these tours, you are able to choose your own route – just select which monuments or locations you would like to visit, within reason, and one of Naturanda´s expert guides will curate a route specific to your wishes. 

These can be either on or off the offered list of places, and you can mix and match activities, such as tapas and a tour of a monument in central Seville. The price of these trips depends on the duration of the tour and the locations and activities selected. 

It is impossible to choose just one place to visit in this incredible city.

You must first consider the type of experience you want to have here, and Naturanda can help you curate an experience specific to your wishes.

Rest assured, however, that any location you decide to visit, large or small, old or new, will leave you with an even greater appreciation for the magnificent city of Seville.


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