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From Cordoba

The largest mosque in the world.

They are the cathedrals, places built leaving nothing to chance , with knowledge and magic beyond our understanding. Examples of this we have in our Andalusia , from Seville to Córdoba passing through many other enclaves in whose construction there is a secret that only its builders knew.

The Mosque of Córdoba is a surprising space, as soon as we enter it we are moved by its difficult to explain feeling. It is a forest but it is not just any forest, it is a forest of columns that are lost in an immense labyrinth of arches in a marvelous play of light and colours.

The Cathedral of Córdoba welcomes us so that we can enter that immense monument that in its location also has the magic and secret of the disappeared cultures.

Córdoba was once an Iberian town in 106 BC , it began to have a notable importance in the times of the Empire, a center highlighted by the Romans under the command of Lucio Mario, although it reached its maximum splendor under Muslim domination, among the Umayyad emirs, although not exempt from internal power struggles.

Abderramán III was the one who would put an end to those disputes and would consolidate what is the Caliphate of Córdoba . The Caliphal city still has the Muslim vestiges of that golden age in which it lived.

The Mosque is attributed to Abderramán at a time when the Caliphate of Damascus was of supreme importance, in the year 756; When the independence of Western Islam was proclaimed in the year 780, it was decided to build the largest mosque in the world in an equally marked location: a Visigothic church .

It was the church of San Vicente and its construction would extend through the reigns of Abderramán I, Abderramán II and Alhaken II, ending in the year 987. Inside there are almost 1,000 columns and arches that are the highest artistic representation of what is now Caliphate art in a sacred construction.

The Mosque of Córdoba is built on a special place: a promontory next to the Guadalquivir in a construction stereotype that seems to be repeated in almost all cultures and religions.

Usually over a temple of the invaded culture the new temple of the invaders was built and with it the power of the same was always assimilated as well as the memory of the past was erected in that same place.

The Mosque stands on a high place, it is considered a place of power that must be taken into account because a special energy emanates from it.

Interestingly, and according to the studies carried out in this regard, before the Visigothic temple it is believed that there was a Roman temple. All this is argued after having found a thousand-year-old column there when in the 16th century a work was carried out in the transept of the cathedral. Thus, the choice of the place to erect their sacred temple would not be the result of chance, but rather it was already chosen by Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians to erect their sacred temples.

Visit a marvel of Islamic architecture

The Mosque has another peculiarity: it does not look at Mecca but at Damascus . It is divided into several well-differentiated parts: the minaret, Patio de las Abluciones or the place of Purification and the prayer room, as well as its twelve doors (such as the months of the year, the apostles, the signs of the zodiac…), the outstanding one of San Esteban and the main one or Puerta del Perdón.

A building with a history like no other

In the Mosque, the Patio de las Abluciones is a very symbolic, magical space, as it is destined for a very specific purpose, which was that before entering the prayer room, the faithful had to purify themselves, that is how a symbolic action of cleaning the five senses . The water used also had extraordinary properties, but it has long since disappeared.

With a perfect day trip from Seville, The Mosque of Cordoba is a Magic place that it is in a place of power and as a place of power it has a wonderful influence on the human being that no one should miss the opportunity to visit and let their body and mind enter into communion with the energies that emanate from within.

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