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San Luis Street

Between the legend and the reality of San Luis Street

Within its walls, Seville has a date with mystery and dark legends. In one of the most authentic places in Seville, where the heart of the Macarena district burns with feverish life, a history of ghosts, unusual facts, and incredible events was born…

One of the best known modern stories of ghosts and cursed places in all of Spain was born in Seville. Although it is a story known by our parents and grandparents, it’s always been silenced by force of habit and fear of the paranormal.

Past the church of San Luis de los Franceses there was an old, nearly abandoned plot of land with a never-ending project, although nobody knew why… Security personnel used to last only a short time in that job, saying they heard voices, that “nothingness” called to them in the coldness of the night. The most terrified were those traumatized people who had seen before them an invisible form that left its traces in the dusty, abandoned plot…

“This can only be caused by ghosts”, the foreman of the site said, as he told how the tools moved by themselves. Hands from the beyond seemed to move them, even when they were locked and hung from the hook of a crane many meters above ground… It seemed the work of a wizard rather than of beings from the beyond.

The happenings of ghost stories are always – in the eyes of the enthusiast of these subjects – unlikely events. Many times, too many, they are almost unbelievable events… as long as it does not happen to oneself

The neighbors of the area were not oblivious to all of this. Some tried to express their testimony of the impossible as best they could, others denied the facts… but in all there was a feeling of unease when they turned their eyes to that cursed site.

A curse seemed to accompany those who lost their lives near the plot… was it the result of the cursed site? This is how a neighbor from Mercury Street described it, after he saw strange, luminous, humanoid silhouettes emerging from the lot and approaching his house… He was so afraid that he ended up inhummanely committing suicide… Another neighbor from San Luis was found dead and locked up inside a trunk, perhaps having hidden in pure panic… A third neighbor hung himself because he, “could not stand the jumps and screams of the children when they left the school in San Luis”. However, the orphanage-school had been abandoned for decades.  At one point a security guard even discharged his weapon at the vision of a spectral nun.

The paranormal researchers who approached the areafrom the program “Milenio3” by Iker Jiménez – made a special radio program about it. They recorded psychophonies and collected testimonies from frightened neighbors who had had terrible experiences with beings that, for lack of a better explanation, they described as “ghostly”.

Often it is the past that gives us the keys to the present: While excavating the foundations of this plot, the bodies of ancient inhabitants of the area were found in ceremonial pots, in a kind of necropolis that occupied this space. Also found was a warning tablet, almost predicting the future, whose legend in Latin could be read: “do not disturb the peace of this place”…

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