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The White Lady of the Haunted
House of San Isidoro

If you are searching for the eternal mysteries of this city, I suggest that you take a walk through its historic centre, along Calle Cuna or in the Plaza de El Salvador. Stop here and taste the cuisine of Sevillian tapas or have a drink at the bars in front of the renovated church. If it is open, enter the temple and admire for yourself the extraordinary renovation of this famous Sevillian temple. From inside, two processions emerge during Holy Week: the Love and Passion. Don’t miss the detail of the Crucificado or Su Nazareno, both are works of art of incalculable beauty.

As you leave the church, if you climb the steep Cuesta del Rosario you will come to San Isidoro, popular for its nearby Plaza de la Alfalfa. In San Isidoro, you can immerse yourself in its narrow streets, with their worn out cobblestones and archaic architecture. When you turn the corner and near Muñoz and Pavón Street, you will find your monthly appointment with the mysterious…

There is a house in which its only tenant does not belong to this world. Dominated by a central courtyard with beautiful columns, this two-story house has a terrible secret… Not even its former inhabitants could bear it, and decided to abandon it to live in a small house on the outskirts of Seville.


One night, after remodelling the house and investing a good amount of money in it, the children of the couple rushed to their parents’ bedroom. They were suffering from an unparalleled fear, they said that a lady would enter their room and stand by the windows, looking out… The adult couple believed that these were children’s inventions and decided not to make a big deal out of it. Days passed, but the attitude of their children did not change. One night there were all sorts of electrical anomalies in the house. In the dark, the father distinguished a beautiful lady who entered the children’s room…

Hurried, sweaty, trembling, and a victim of the tension of the moment, he backed into the courtyard and leaned firmly on the railing. The courtyard was empty and there was no noise, the feeling of loneliness was disturbing. When he reached the door of the children’s room, he saw with astonishment that the beautiful lady stood by one of the windows facing the back street. Standing there motionless, she seemed to be waiting for a love that never returned.

In their beds, the children slept with the sheets almost covering their heads. The lady turned and put a finger over her mouth, asking the house’s new owner for silence, and after that gesture she vanished… Experiencing their young guest caused enough fear that the next day they left their newly purchased house, in order to seek the tranquility of the Aljarafe of Seville

Nowadays the house remains closed, it’s only inhabitant a mysterious lady who still waits, peeking out of a window.

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